Case of 12 - Black Lotus Shilajit - 15 gram

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Pure & Raw Shilajit - Lab Tested  - 12 pack of 15 Gram Jars - Up to 2 Year Supply - Stored in a Miron Glass Container for Peak Quality.

Over 85 Ionic Minerals help to Increase Energy - Clear Mind & Memory - Balance Hormones - Nourish Cells - Dissipate Pain and Inflammation - Strengthen Bones and Ligaments - Increase Libido - Remineralize Body and Much More...

Shilajit is a black resin that seeps out mountain rocks at extremely high elevations throughout the world. Formed over many years, it is essentially a composted, compacted ancient forest engulfed by the rocky mountains as they grew. It was discovered by village people who saw animals climbing to the mountain peaks, making the long journey up just to eat Shilajit.

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