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The quality of Shilajit varies depending on where it is sourced and the processing method. That's why we take great care in sourcing & testing each batch of Shilajit we receive, that way we know it is up to our high standards. We would not sell something we wouldn't take ourselves and we truly want to share the cleanest & most potent nutrition possible.

Batch 33

September 2020

Batch 22

May 2020

**The heavy metal content in Shilajit is very safe, having much less than common vegetables. Because fulvic acid is the most powerful known chelator, it detoxifies the body of these metals, even out of the brain. The molecules of Fulvic Acid have such a strong bond to the metals they never come out into the body and if there is any in the body it will trap it and be excreted. 

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