Sharing Shilajit Health Benefits

Black Lotus Shilajit LLC was founded in July of 2019 in Melbourne, FL. We are a small Family Team of dedicated individuals who share a passion for health & wellness. With over 20 years combined experience with herbs, nutrition, and supplements, Shilajit is something that personally changed our lives, we take it every day and are very excited about sharing shilajit health benefits with the world. The Black Lotus represents the shilajit blossoming from the mountain as a gift to humanity. The beautiful lotus grows out of thick, fertile mud. this is similar to how shilajit acts in our lives; by providing a nourished & balanced body to bloom in and be our best.

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Production Process

1. Raw Shilajit rocks are sustainably gathered in the Pristine Altai Mountains.

2. Rocks are broken up and mixed with spring/glacier water from the local crystal clear lakes & rivers.

3. Sediment and Rocks are filtered out with a system of fine sieves.

4. The water is slowly evaporated out of the Shilajit at temperatures below 104 Fahrenheit to ensure quality & potency, according to Ayurvedic Medicine

5. Once we receive the Shilajit we inspect it for quality, send it for lab analysis, then our certified & licensed team begins the packaging in an FDA-approved facility.