Benefits Include

The benefits of shilajit that make it a super tonic.

*100% Natural & Raw

*Deep Cellular Energy

*Pain Free

*Enhanced Beauty

*Improved Memory

*Restful Sleep

*Emotional Stability

*Ionic Trace Minerals


Improve Your Health

According to the newest study by the National Institute of Health, 90% of Americans are Malnourished & not getting enough nutrients or minerals in their daily diet. Due to poor & unsustainable agricultural practices, even most fruits and vegetables at the grocery store contain low levels of vital nutrients. In order for all of the organs and cells to function optimally, the human body must have the building blocks they need. Minerals are the fuel and conductive force that drives the function of the body's energy.

Feel Your Best, Today!
The benefits of shilajit are many. It has been recorded as a powerful adaptogen and tonic for over three thousand years in Ayurvedic Medicine and has recently been under the focal point of clinical research. The combination of being completely water soluble and containing over 60% Fulvic Acid and almost 10% Humic Acid allows for an extremely rapid absorption into the cells, making it the most bioavailable mineral supplement on the market.

Delivering 85 Ionic Minerals, Shilajit can aid the body in a multitude of immediately evident ways


Most notable aids to the body:

 · Energy
· Clear Mind
· Improved Memory
· Ease Addictions & Cravings
· Dissipate Pain & Inflammation
· Increase Libido
· Menopause/Andropause symptoms reduce
· Sleep Cycle Regulation
· Clearer Skin
· Protect Against Stress
· Prevent Anxiety
· Increased Strength & Flexibility

Assists with:
· Sluggishness
· Infertility
· Brain Fog
· Anemia
· Hormone Imbalance
· Cardiovascular Health
· Arthritis
· Stomach Ulcers
· Diabetes
· Osteoporosis
· Herpes & Other Viruses
· Alzheimer's
· Parasites
· Menopause/Andropause
· Muscle fatigue
· Alcoholism & Drug Addiction
· Mineral Deficiency
· Prostate
· Eczema & Acne
· Burns
· Asthma & Chronic Bronchitis
· Erectile Dysfunction
· Adrenal imbalance Detoxification
· Thyroid imbalance
· Ulcerative Colitis
· Circulation
· Testosterone
· And More....

So many uses... 

Pets LOVE it, while receiving all the benefits of shilajit, and it is an excellent fertilizer for plants, bringing life to soil!

Our standards are high for our shilajit which is why we source & test each batch of Shilajit we receive to ensure you get the best shilajit possible.