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Pure Shilajit Resin



Daily Overall WellBeing Tonic

Over 85 Ionic Minerals help to Increase Energy
– Clear Mind & Memory
– Balance Hormones
– Nourish Cells
– Dissipate Pain and Inflammation
– Strengthen Bones and Ligaments
– Increase Libido
– Remineralize Body and Much More…




Shilajit Tincture

Shilajit Tincture


Shilajit is the most bioavailable mineral supplement available, containing over 85 ionic minerals. Shilajit also contains fulvic acid, which makes the walls of our cells extremely permeable, so they can instantly absorb the minerals our human bodies absolutely HAVE to have to function as the self-healing organisms we are.

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years in traditional ayurvedic medicine specifically for balancing hormones, increasing energy, and repairing the entire body system from stress and fatigue. It was known as a great herb for women for its hormone balancing effect, building the blood and nourishing nature.

Shilajit has been proven safe and effective in: Managing Diabetes, Balancing Hormones, Curing Infertility, Increasing Athletic Performance, Enhancing Memory and Cognitive Function, Aiding Greatly in Curing Erectile Dysfunction, Curbing Cravings and Resolving Addiction, Reducing Pain and Inflammation and much more.

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Dissolve in water

Mix it in your smoothie or protein shake

Tea or coffee

Eat it raw, right under your tongue

Black Lotus Shilajit can be used for:

Pre-Meditation -aids in feelings of wellbeing and relaxation.

Pre-Workout & Post Workout -help the body stay hydrated throughout the workout while increasing energy and speeding recovery time.

Coffee/Tea Substitute-Increases Energy and Stamina that is sustained throughout the day.

Sleep Aid-Taken in the AM only Shilajit balances the hormone regulators of the body to encourage regular sleep rhythms.

Beauty Enhancement – Shilajit increases the renewal of skin by enhancing regrowth and circulation through the dermis.

Lab Analysis

The quality of Shilajit varies depending on where it is sourced and the processing method. That’s why we take great care in sourcing & testing each batch of Shilajit we receive, that way we know it is the best shilajit and up to our high standards. We would not sell something we wouldn’t take ourselves and we truly want to share the cleanest & most potent nutrition possible.


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  1. FLORA THOMAS (verified owner)

    Everything you have read about Shilajit on this site is true!This is my story. I was 55 years old sitting on the couch, wondering how I was going to enjoy this time in my life without any energy at all. Out of the blue my daughter told me about Shilaji. I started taking Shilajit a year ago. Just finished painting and redoing my bathroom. Looking forward to working on my husband’s boat getting it ready for the water. Swimming and fishing this summer!! Couldn’t of happened without Shilajit!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much quantity to consume?

Size of a small pea (250 mg) each time. Use it twice or thrice a day for best results.

How soon will I see the results?

This really depends on your particular constitution and condition. Chronic symptoms have reportedly vanished overnight, some people don't feel much for at least a week or two, and some feel an immediate sense of smooth energy and calm focus.

Is it safe for kids to consume?

It is safe for children over 2 years of age according to their body weight. 50 milligrams  per  30 pounds.

How to use it on the skin?

  1. Mix one dose (250 mg) in one teaspoon of water. 
  2. Wash your skin and apply or mix it in your face pack. 
  3. Leave it on your skin for 15 - 30 min and rinse. 

Is Himalayan Shilajit higher quality?

Some companies claim that Himalayan Shilajit is of higher quality because of the Altitude at which it is gathered. We did some further investigation and found that while the Altai Mountains are not currently as tall, they are 250 Million years older. Meaning the Shilajit has been picking up more and more precious Elements throughout the time it has been inside the mountains. During their lifetime The Altai Mountains were likely to have been just as tall as the Himalayas, but due to their age, their tallest points have eroded. The Altai Mountains are also richer with gold, being named Altai, which translates to Gold in the native language.

Resin or Tincture?

The resin is raw and in its most natural state with nothing else added to it. Scoop a pea-size quantity each time for consumption. 

Consume it thrice a day for best results.

  • Eat it raw, put it under your tongue (if you are consuming shilajit for the first time and wondering how it tastes, we suggest you dilute in your drink before consumption).
  • ​​Mix it in your smoothie or protein shake.
  • Mix it in your tea or coffee or water. 

The tincture is easy to consume as it is diluted Glycerin (we use is sustainable, Palm Derived (Certified Sustainable Palm) USP – Food & Pharmaceutical Grade – Kosher – Non-GMO). The pump is measured so you get the exact dose every time. 

Consume it thrice a day for best results.

  • Pump directly in your mouth.
  • ​​Mix it in your smoothie or protein shake.
  • Mix it in your Tea or coffee.
  • Pump it into your water or drink.