Rejuvenade - Shilajit Infused Organic Lime-Ade - Case of 12

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Case of 12 Rejuvenades - Free Shipping!

LIQUID GOLD - made in small batches

Replenish - Restore - Rejuvenate 

This delicious, refreshing, electrolyte rich beverage is everything you ever wanted in a drink! Hydrate and feed your cells like never before! Perfect for after a workout, the beach, yoga, or even a substitute for caffeine in the morning! 

Feel your best every day!!

Each bottle contains 1 full dose (250mg) of Shilajit!

We take great care in sourcing the absolute best and sustainable ingredients for our simple drink!

Ingredients: Florida Spring Water, Organic Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Organic Raw Wild Heirloom Agave Nectar, Black Lotus Shilajit 

Only 60 Calories and 15 grams of Sugar. (Agave has a glycemic index that is nearly 80% lower than cane sugar or honey!)

100% Raw - Vegan - Non GMO - GF

We will ship out within a week of order! (Ships only to US)