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Black Lotus Shilajit is the Highest Quality & Most bioavailable 

SUPERFOOD on the Market.

"The best kept secret on Earth! I can't believe I just started taking it!

-Jenny, 33

"Never felt such amazing results from any supplement ever before."

- Paul, 41

Black Lotus


Peak of Potency

Clean & Safe - Lab Tested for Heavy Metals, Bacteria and Toxins

Raw & Undiluted - Purified at temperatures below 104° F 

Fair Trade - Consciously and Sustainably Gathered 

  Pure  - Sourced from the Pristine Altai Mountains in Siberia


Foundation of Well Being

Restore Energy

Rebuild Strength

Regain Clarity

Maintain Balance

- A gift from the Earth -

Black Lotus Shilajit 


Human Beings, like all living things are highly electric and made up of minerals. Cells in all of our organs, muscles, blood & bones are in constant necessity of these trace minerals to function and to conduct electricity. In today's world, minerals are severely lacking because of poor diet choices & soil depletion. Shilajit's incredible composition & the way which Fulvic Acid opens the cell membranes to allow the minerals & nutrients to enter, truly nourishes the body at a core level, allowing many different symptoms to quickly subside. 

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is highly compatible with the biochemistry of all living things. Through its unique composition, it is able to transport Ionic Trace Minerals and other Nutrients effortlessly through all Cell Walls in the body. This is why the results are felt so quickly and don't depend on digestion. Fulvic Acid also acts as powerful detoxifier, chelating free radicals, heavey metals & any other harmful ionic particles. Being impossible to replicate in a laboratory due to its complexity, Fulvic Acid is very unique and rare.

However, Shilajit naturally contains the highest amounts known to man.

Altai Mountains

Known as the Golden Mountains in Siberia, this region is one of the purest places on the planet.

Black Lotus Shilajit is harvested every summer from over 12,000 foot tall mountains, speckled with crystal clear lakes.

Here it is known as "Mumijo" or

Mummy, for its ability to

preserve the body. 

Miron™ Glass

This patented Glass technology from Norway is designed to keep out all visible light, except the highest spectrum uv and infa red light. This allows the contents to be perfectly and most optimally preserved. Black Lotus Shilajit is always stored in Miron™ Glass for guaranteed peak quality and potency. We don't source the purest Shilajit just to stick it in dirty plastic.

Brief History

Shilajit was discovered when villagers noticed monkeys making unusual treks to the peaks of mountains to eat this prized resin. Since then it has been revered and acclaimed throughout many cultures as a mighty rejuvenator, preserver and enhancer of the body. None more however, than Ayurvedic Medicine, regarding it as a powerful wellness tonic. In recent years, shilajit has been under the focal point of clinical research, backing up the wisdom of Ayurvedic Science and revealing very promising results for a variety of ailments, as well as repeatedly proving is safety and effectiveness.

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